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    IZASUN, is a rapidly growing IT company of SAMUDRA SERVICES Group. Based in Visakhapatnam (India), We are focused on Web developing and delivering IT solutions that enhance business performance and flexibility by levering the simplicity and power of latest technologies. Our packages enable you to get up and running on the web with minimal fuss and more than enough capability, Whether you are a company or individual, IZASUN provides you with the tools to build your IT simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

    We are having expertise in different sectors, our enthusiastic professionals offer research driven mature services for every IT requirement starting from web designing, development, software development, mobile app development internet marketing, domain registration and web hosting, customer support service and so on. Keeping the increasing market demand in mind, we are going to add more new services to represent IZASUN as the one-stop IT solution provider.

    We have vivid presence in the Indian as well as International market for our topnotch software development services. Being a customer oriented company, we pay special attention to offer our clients an insight driven intuitive service to ensure best outcome at the most affordable budget.

    Internet has always intrigued me. It holds tremendous power and today it has changed the way we work, transact, entertain, and even think! It has not only made the world much smaller and approachable, but also has transcended the traditional limits and barriers we as businesses or individuals have had to deal with. From my undergraduate days , when the dot com era had just begun, I have been paying close attention to the World Wide Web. What was considered fashionable last decade is a given necessity today. Today a business that is progressive and visionary, cannot ignore the vast potential that the online space holds. You cannot isolate yourself from this phenomenon. On the other hand, you have to integrate this into the mainstream core of your business, and use it as a leverage to grow. Hundreds of e-mails, hours of phone conversations, thousands of keystrokes, and countless ounces of espresso later, here I am. Samudra Host is not just a web hosting company, it is a family of people passionate about the Web, and we hope that you benefit from the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over years in this field.